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Pediatric Dentist Abu Dhabi

We offer top-notch pediatric dentistry in a caring and comfortable environment. Our pediatric health services start immediately after children start to develop their first tooth. We are committed to offering optimal and family-friendly oral health solutions.

In the case of your family’s oral health, it is not ideal to scamper all over your area to discover many dentists. We reckon that you have an extremely busy schedule. For this reason, we offer the convenient option of serving oral health requirements for children and adults under one roof. Besides general dentistry services, we provide pediatric dentistry to let you fix all your familial appointments with us and save your time. AT Excellency Medical Center, we believe that our pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi professional is highly competent in the field.


We know that there is some anxiety in a child’s first-time visit to a dentist, but there is no need to bother about anything. The pediatric dentist Abu Dhabi expert we have with us, can thoroughly examine your child’s jaws, teeth, oral tissues, and gums for any dental problems. If they have any of those issues, we would talk to you about your best options so that your son or daughter can maintain solid and healthy teeth. When your child faces any dental deformity, we could spot it instantly and recommend preventative measures.

Our highly professional, qualified and experienced pediatric doctors can help confirm that your children’s teeth remain healthy and devoid of dental diseases. They will do everything possible to make your appointment maximum comfortable for you and your children. We offer the most sophisticated dental care with the doctors, modern technology, and a touch of compassion.

We also offer cosmetic dentistry Abu Dhabi services, including teeth whitening procedures. Our cosmetic services can make you smile broadly. If you hide your smile for less than ideal teeth, do not think that you are the only one who does it. Alongside solving your dental issues through restorative procedures, we can brighten your smile and bring a much more positive mindset to you. The change that you and we want to see in you is a much brighter smile alongside more self-confidence. Contact our cosmetic dentistry Abu Dhabi department to know more about how it is achievable for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry Abu Dhabi

Welcome to Excellency Medical Center.

We believe the future of healthcare lies in an integrated approach and our multidisciplinary team offers you a wide range of services to maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout your life-span. We aim to provide individualised services that are catered to specific needs of the patients and are developed and provided by a team of highly qualified and experienced health professionals. WellnessOne will work closely with hospitals and physicians who treat patients on an acute level until they reach an intermediate or stability phase


Through cosmetic dentistry Abu Dhabi, you can enjoy a beautiful smile. So the dentist would correct the crookedness of your tooth, and correct issues that might cause discolouration. The cosmetic dentist will cover the aesthetic part of your tooth.

In general dentistry, the focus is more on your overall dental health, and correcting all the issues surrounding that. In cosmetic dentistry, the focus is primarily on the aesthetic aspects of your teeth. We have certified and experienced paediatric dentist Abu Dhabi to treat children’s dental problems too.

The length of the time for each cosmetic procedure will depend on the procedure itself. But on average, cosmetic surgical procedures can be completed within 2 hours.

The latest advancements in technology have made cosmetic procedures quite painless. They use less invasive procedures in cosmetic dentistry Abu Dhabi, so you can be quite comfortable and place trust in our cosmetic dentists.

Most of the cosmetic dentistry procedures are quite safe for the patients. But not everyone can do every procedure. Our dentist at Excellency can give you an honest assessment of whether you can do a particular procedure, and what the side effects will be, if any.