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    Dental Crown Treatment

    Do you want to have a smile as your most notable and best aspect? If so, you may wish to cover a problematic tooth with a crown, which would help bring it back to its regular size and shape. Dental crowns belong to our cosmetic dentistry treatment services, which can benefit the function and appearance of your teeth. If you are wondering what the dental crown cost in Abu Dhabi is, remember that it is affordable at our dental hospital too.

    Why You Might Wish To Invest In Dental Crowns

    A dental crown can not only strengthen your tooth but also make its appearance better. It can strengthen the tooth with a big filling when you do not have enough remaining teeth to keep the filling in place. Dental crowns are also useable to keep a compromised tooth either from breaking or restoring an already broken tooth. A dental crown is an excellent way of covering badly shaped or discolored teeth as well as useable to cover an implant.

    If one of our doctors tell you to bear the dental crown cost in Abu Dhabi, then it would be to correct any of those conditions. Like you, the primary concern of our orthodontists is to aid in keeping your teeth healthy while keeping your smile beautiful.

    We provide quality dental crown treatment for patients in Abu Dhabi

    If any of your teeth have become fractured or decayed, the good news is that it can still be preserved. A professional dentist can easily offer dental cap treatment to restore the structure of the tooth. A cap or crown is basically a covering that is placed over the surface of the tooth in order to restore its original size, shape and functionality. Crowns offer protection to the tooth while also strengthening its overall structure, which is something that cannot be restored with the help of filings or other kinds of restoration treatments.
    At Excellency Medical Center, we have built a team of leading experts, all of whom are adept at fixing oral health issues by means of dental crowns. The different issues that we treat by means of dental caps are inclusive of:

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    The team of oral health experts at our facility brings extensive qualifications and years of experience to the table. Over the years, our team has catered to the needs of countless patients who need dental bridges near me to resolve their oral health concerns.
    When you visit our clinic, our specialist will initially diagnose the current condition of your teeth. This is vital so as to determine whether dental cap treatment is the right option for you or not. A mold of your tooth will then be taken in order to design your new tooth. This will include determining the shape, color and size of each dental crown that is to be created.
    On the second appointment, once you have approved the appearance of the crown, it will be placed into your mouth to ensure comfort and satisfaction. Our specialist will further check the bite and make necessary adjustments if needed. Once done, it will be cemented into your mouth and cleaned up.

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      • Why Would I Need A Dental Crown?

        Dental crown is essential to protecting your tooth from further decay. It would keep the weak tooth together if there are cracked parts. It would also protect a severely worn down tooth. Check out our dental crown cost in Abu Dhabi to know more about it.

      • How Long Will My Crown Last?

        It depends on the dental crown that you use. Metal alloy crowns can last more than 20 years if you take good care. while porcelain crowns can last between 10 and 20 years.

      • How Should I Care For A New Dental Crown?

        Cleanliness is important. Use toothpaste and brush your teeth twice daily. Floss regularly. Kick bad habits like smoking, alcoholic drinks and beverages, etc. Avoid hard foods. See your dentist regularly.

      • Do Dental Crowns Hurt?

        No, placing dental crowns will not hurt at all, because we use anaesthetic and sedation to ensure you have a painless process. At the most, you might feel a mild discomfort.

      • Are Dental Crowns Used For Cosmetic Dentistry?

        Yes, cosmetic dentists and orthodontists use porcelain crown to aesthetically enhance the appearance and feel of your tooth. You can check out dental crown cost in Abu Dhabi to know more about it.

      • How Long Does It Take To Recover After Crown Placement?

        The typical recovery time is a few days, and in that time, you might experience inflammation, sensitivity or irritation. You can do a warm salt water rinse at the time, but it will subside within a week or so.

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