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Teeth Whitening

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    Teeth Whitening Abu Dhabi

    Everyone loves a bright, pleasant smile. It can act as a confidence-boosting factor, making you appear younger, more attractive to others. Are you satisfied with your present smile? We have asked this question to several customers, and the results are a bit surprising. Almost every one of them was discontent with their smile, and they wished to brighten their teeth if possible. Are you seeking ways of whitening your teeth? If so, visit our dental hospital for teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi and a quality cosmetic makeover. The procedure can cause your teeth to look whiter, more attractive.

    Why Do Our Teeth Discolor?

    Several factors play a part in our teeth color, comprising internal and external factors. The food that we consume, our oral hygiene regimen and the state of our teeth are among the major things that can impact our teeth color. Teeth discoloration happens thanks to many reasons, including the following.
    We will offer our cosmetic dentistry service according to what contributes to your tooth discoloration issue. It is possible to treat extrinsic staining easily, but intrinsic staining possibly requires us to perform other procedures and then tooth whitening.
    Dentists recommend teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere when external sources contribute to tooth discoloration. Our team will thoroughly examine the condition of your teeth to confirm that you do not have any untreated decay. Should our team find a dental infection during the process, they would take steps to address it. Tooth whitening entails clearing the stain out of your teeth surface and can improve your teeth color shade. The part will look brighter after the clearance of the stain from its surface. It is possible to complete the whole process in one visit.
    Many customers also ask us how long-lasting are tooth whitening effects. Depending on your lifestyle habits, its effects could last up to around 3 years. Every person does not have the same lifestyle, so we cannot give you a specific timeline in this regard.

    Get Premium Services for Teeth Whitening in Abu Dhabi at Excellency Medical Center

    Your smile is your most beautiful feature. That is because it radiates positivity, joy and confidence. It can make or break your personality because your smile can leave a visual image at a subconscious level to the people you meet in your daily life. More than that, your smile is a token of self-confidence and happiness which is why we want to protect your beautiful smile here at Excellency Medical Center and give you the confidence to keep smiling openly and unapologetically.
    Get brighter, whiter and healthier teeth with our amazing ZOOM teeth whitening Abu Dhabi treatment and services from good dentists and orthodontists in the city. We promise guaranteed results, expert services and affordable rates at our world class facility. Get stubborn tea and coffee stains and plaques removed from your teeth and acquire 5 to 8 shades lighter teeth with a single one hour session for your premier teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi.

    We Have the Top Experts On-board to Deliver Solutions for Teeth Whitening in Abu Dhabi

    Here at Excellency Medical Center, we have a team of the most experienced and skilled dentists and oral health experts in the country who are dedicated, professional and highly qualified.
    We offer extensive services and various teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi solutions including the popular ZOOM teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi in which our experts use ZOOM whitening systems to direct ultraviolet rays on the medicated hydrogen peroxide for the removal of dark obnoxious stains from your teeth and give back your megawatt smile that you want instantly.
    We also use other teeth whiteners as well such as whitening strips, bleaching gels and polishes and activated charcoal for over the counter solutions.

    Get A Brighter, Radiant Smile at the Teeth Whitening Abu Dhabi Offers lower Prices in the City

    Your million dollar smile is just a call away. Book an appointment at our world class facility that is well equipped with advanced technology and cutting edge medical equipment and tools to get those gorgeous pearly whites at amazing market competitive prices in Abu Dhabi.

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      • Who should use teeth whitening?

        You can go for teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi If you have discoloured or yellowed teeth or have plaque or tartar build up, then it would be a good idea to get your teeth whitened.

      • Does the whitening system work on Veneers?

        Teeth whitening cannot change the colour of your veneers, only your natural teeth. You can talk to your dentist if you want to know more about how to take care of your veneers.

      • Is tooth whitening bad for your teeth?

        Teeth whitening is good. You might experience some sensitivity, but that will go away in a few days.

      • How many shades whiter can I expect my teeth to get?

        In most cases, teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi can make your teeth go up to three to seven shades brighter. It will remain that way if you take care of your teeth really well.

      • How long do the teeth whitening effects last?

        Teeth whitening can last anywhere between 6 months to three years. A lot depends on how you care for it. Avoiding tea, coffee, too much processed foods, and aerated drinks will help a lot. On an average, you can expect it to stay for one year.

      • How long does the treatment take?

        This will depend on the severity of the stains on your teeth. On an average, the job can be done in under an hour. And sometimes, more than one session will be required.

      • Does the treatment hurt?

        Teeth whitening in Abu Dhabi is not a painful procedure. You might feel some sensitivity though.

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