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Teeth Removal

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    Teeth Removal In Abu Dhabi

    We offer teeth removal in Abu Dhabi as part of our restorative dentistry services. Here, we will discuss what wisdom tooth removal is, how to know whether one needs it and more.

    What Wisdom Teeth Are

    There is no purpose to having wisdom teeth, although these seem like an important body part. Wisdom teeth are additional molars that emerge in people’s late teen years and are usually not necessary to chew healthily.

    Why Remove Wisdom Teeth

    Wisdom teeth alone may not be problematic but could contribute to issues if there is no space for these in your mouth. You may have some definite symptoms that signify whether your new molars are free of problems or should be removed.

    Signs Of Emerging Wisdom Teeth

    An X-ray can offer the first sign that the teeth are emerging in your mouth, especially a panoramic one. Panoramic X-rays capture all the teeth in an image as well as can reveal the teeth position and whether these are on the verge of coming in. With no X-ray, it is tricky to know whether they are emerging in your mouth as you are beginning to spot some unpleasant signs. Here are some of the common signs that the teeth are on the verge of breaking through.
    When your impacted wisdom teeth put constant pressure on the nearby molar root, it causes not just jaw pain but also a damaging change to your teeth alignment. In this situation, you will usually require teeth extraction. It is the process of removing a wisdom tooth or two with a surgeon or dentist. It entails steps such as making an opening in your gum tissue, removing the bone blocking access to your tooth root, and so forth.
    Through frequent X-rays as part of periodic dental check-ups, you can avoid wisdom teeth-related complications. It is also possible to reduce your odds for issues with a prompt visit to a dental clinic as symptoms develop. Thus, you may be capable of avoiding the need for teeth removal in Abu Dhabi or your area.

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    Tooth extraction is the safe removal of a tooth from its socket. A tooth may be extracted for decay, infection, illness, impaction and overcrowding. This is a very delicate procedure that requires impeccable precision and command. You must go to a specialist whom you trust for your tooth removal treatments.

    At Excellency Medical Center, we aim to deliver premier quality tooth extraction near me services in Abu Dhabi. We have the skill, experience and the facilities to perform intricate dental operations and tooth extraction procedures on people suffering from all kinds of teeth problems in the UAE. More than that, we offer expert care and stay with you throughout the entire process from initial consultation to the post treatment follow ups.

    Get Premier Tooth Extraction Near Me from the Top Oral Health Experts in the City

    Here at Excellency Medical Center, we have an outstanding team of world class dentists, orthodontists and faciomaxillary surgeons and consultants who are not only experts in their fields but also possess a profound experience of many years, impeccable skill set and highly credible medical profiles.
    All the dentists and orthodontists on our board and the staff members are very dedicated, polite and considerate. We try to provide a comfortable environment to our patients and ensure a smooth and hassle free procedure for tooth extraction near me. Over the years, we have built a well-equipped facility with all the modern amenities, facilities and advanced technology including high tech machines and cutting edge tools. This is to ensure safe removal of tooth,

    We Provide Affordable & Quality Treatments for Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near Me

    At Excellency Medical Center, we believe in providing premier class health care services from top professionals and medical experts in the country. Our staff members are trained to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, we greatly emphasize hygiene and cleanliness. All the tools for tooth extraction surgeries are cleaned and sterilized after every use to avoid contaminations and other complications.

    Are you looking for wisdom tooth extraction near me? Book an appointment today and get consulted by a leading orthodontist in Dubai at affordable and market competitive pricing.

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      • Why should I go for tooth removal?

        Teeth removal in Abu Dhabi is important when your tooth is beyond repair, or if there is overcrowding, trauma, injury, periodontal and gum disease. This will eliminate bacteria and improve your overall oral health.

      • Do I really have to have them removed?

        Our dentists would look into every possible way that can save your tooth, but sometimes, tooth extraction is the only possible solution, and hence a must.

      • What is the best age to have them removed?

        Tooth extraction can be done at any age, provided you don’t have pressing health problems. It is very important to discuss your medical history with your dentist before extraction to avoid complications. The ideal age in other issues is between 18 and 24.

      • What if I don't have them removed now?

        It would be good to have the tooth extraction done when your dentist suggests it. Failing to do that might impact nearby teeth and damage them too.

      • If I decide to do it, when should I have them removed?

        Your dentist would examine the tooth and run through various methods that might repair it. If all the repair methods do not look feasible and you still need to extract the tooth, do it when the dentist suggests.

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