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Root Canal Treatment In Abu Dhabi

The word root canal refers to a medical procedure that entails removing oral infections to save people’s teeth and smiles. There is little to no discomfort in root canal treatment in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere. At Excellency Medical Center, we do it for people with teeth of any shape, size and age. It is a procedure to repair a badly infected or decayed tooth and can save the part. It is not more uncomfortable as compared to getting a dental cavity filled. Keep reading to know more about the procedure.

How Does Root Canal Treatment Work?

A doctor makes a small hole in one’s tooth and carefully removes the infection through it before filling and sealing the dental chamber and completing the procedure with a permanent filling or crown.

What Causes Your Tooth Infection

Repeated dental health procedures such as fillings, a broken or cracked tooth, a tooth injury or a deep dental cavity can contribute to the infection. Removing the infection usually requires a root canal procedure, preferably involving professionals with skill and experience in restorative dentistry.

Signs You May Require The Treatment

Do you have severe pain in your tooth as you chew? Does it last when your teeth are exposed to cold or temperatures? Alongside the above-mentioned, swelling in gums and tooth darkening or gum discoloration all signify that you should undergo a root canal procedure.

Where To Find Quality Root Canal Treatment

Not all dental hospitals offer root canal services. Root canal comes under the category of restorative dentistry. This means it will be unavailable at dental offices or clinics that offer only cosmetic dentistry procedures.

A medical facility such as Excellency Medical Center is a full-service dental hospital with restorative, cosmetic, pediatric and general dentistry services. This is to say, we also offer root canal treatment in Abu Dhabi city.

Get Your Root Canal Treatment in Abu Dhabi at Excellency Medical Center


A root canal in Abu Dhabi is a procedure to treat a tooth that is badly decayed or infected from the inside out. This infection initiates from the outer layer of the tooth that is made up of a hard substance called enamel and moves inwards towards the dentin and finally reaches the inner soft pulp that contains blood vessels and nerves. This type of infection needs prompt treatment that demands clinical expertise and precision. The clinical symptoms include excruciating pain while eating or chewing the food, swelling in the gums, sensitivity and abscess formation. In severe cases, emergency root canal treatment or endodontic therapy is needed to stop the infection from spreading.

At Excellency Medical Center, we offer expert services and specialized endodontic treatments for root canal in Abu Dhabi. Our world-class facility is well equipped with highly advanced equipment, cutting-edge tools and latest technology. We deliver professional solutions to help you get rid of tooth decay problems with impeccable expertise.


 Expert Dentists to Deliver the Right Root Canal Treatment in Abu Dhabi


At our medical facility, we have an outstanding team of world class dentists and endodontists in the country and from all across the UAE. Our oral health experts have the experience of many years working in the field and the professional expertise to perform even the most complex root canal treatments with expert care and precision.

Moreover, our experts will guide you throughout the whole procedure and solve all the queries that you have related to your root canal treatment in Abu Dhabi. Our staff is well trained, polite and dedicated to make sure that all the patients at our clinic are comfortable and well informed.

Get Affordable Root Canal Treatment in Abu Dhabi from Experienced Professionals


If you are looking for a medical care facility with good root canal costs in Abu Dhabi, then you are at the right place. We aim to deliver convenient and professional oral care solutions and services to our clients at the lower market competitive prices in Abu Dhabi.


Visit Excellency Medical Center and consult with the top endodontists in the city for professional guidelines and expert treatment for your root canal in Abu Dhabi.

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